Worship is central to our lives as people of God. We gather to hear the Word, sing praises and share in the Lord’s Supper.

Weekend Schedule

5:30 PM – Worship

8:00 AM – Senior Choir Rehearsal (September 11, 2016 – early May 2017)
9:00 AM – Worship with Children’s Moment
9:30 AM – Sunday School (September 11, 2016 – early May 2017)
10:10 AM – Fellowship in the Narthex
10:30 AM – Worship (September 18, 2016 – early May 2017)

*Holy Communion celebrated at all services

Worship Formats

Saturdays, 5:30 PM
Come As You Are!
This service is casual and relaxed incorporating piano, guitar, flute, congas and trumpets.

Sundays, 9:00 AM
Drawing from a variety of musical forms, this service is a blend of traditional and contemporary worship styles.

Sundays, 10:30 AM (September 18, 2016 to early May 2017 only)
For those who prefer a more traditional style of worship, this service is rich with hymns and familiar liturgies.


All Are Welcome at the Table of the Lord

Like baptism, communion is a sacrament of grace that is freely received and not earned by our own knowledge or understanding. For that reason, Lutherans welcome everyone to communion (just like baptism) including babies and children. In doing so, we emphasize the theology of grace above tradition or even understanding.

We welcome your children at Holy Communion, even if they are not old enough to comprehend its meaning. It is more important to help them understand that it is something special done out of Jesus’ love for them. The grace of God is freely given to all people, so there is no reason to exclude them from the holy meal. There is no command from our Lord regarding the age at which people should be first communed. We only know that Jesus welcomed children and outsiders into his midst when no one else did; it does us good to reflect that in our sacraments.

If you would like to help your young child understand the holy sacrament more fully, adults and children are welcome at the annual communion instruction class; or, booklets and a video are available to check out from the church office for home use. Faith is taught over a life time so we encourage your home conversations about the meaning of this gift of life from our Lord.