Covenant Lutheran church has a rich history of extending hospitality to congregation members as well as to members of the broader community. Hospitality embodies the purposes of both evangelism and fellowship. Christ extended his love and hospitality to others to spread the Good News. We are called to do the same.

Hospitality Greeters
We are looking for twelve people who would like to extend a welcome to people visiting our church for the first time. We have a dream of training twelve sets of two to visit and welcome the stranger in our midst.

The goal is to have two people serve every twelve weeks to visit our guests with a hospitality bag of information, gift certificate to Fosdal‘s for a treat of fresh bread or dessert and a thank you for joining us at worship. It is also our intent to coach members of our congregation to staff the hospitality center in front of our sound room. In many ways this is an opportunity to welcome others in the name of our Lord.

Your Faith in Action Hospitality Team

Gifts of Hospitality
In the world of Jesus the five traditional acts or gifts of hospitality that were required for a guest once that person crossed the threshold into the home: 1. Offering a drink of water 2. Washing the feet of the guest 3. Greeting the guest with a kiss 4. Anointing or washing the head 5. Offering the guest something to eat Covenant‘s training may not be as intimate as a kiss or washing another but it includes carrying a gift, a treat, a thank you and a welcome to our community. Are you interested?
Hospitality Visiting Team

Hospitality Ministries
Worship Hospitality
Greeters, Ushers, Welcome center, Healing/prayer chapel, Nursery, Peace sharing

Small Group Hospitality
Fellowship group, Women’s circles, Music groups, Teams, Older Adult Ministry

Publicity Hospitality
Internal communications, Bulletin board coordination, Covenant signage

Event Hospitality
Special events, Summer campfires, Family fall fun day, Christmas caroling, Lenten suppers, Seder supper, Rally Day, Confirmation luncheon, Celebration Sunday

Food & Friends Hospitality
Funeral meals, Food for Friends

Outreach Hospitality
Health kits, River Pantry, Covenant Creators (baby caps, prayer shawls, quilts), Vet to Vet: Adopt a Family

Community Hospitality
Our Daily Bread, Thanksgiving worship, Special events such as Veteran’s meal, etc., Stoughton Food Pantry