Covenant actively strives to be a welcoming, inviting and diverse community of faith!
We aim to unite the Stoughton community.

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We look forward to celebrating with the Covenant and Stoughton Communities engaging together and invite everyone to join in opportunities to connect at Covenant!

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Looking For a Hobby?

The Blanket Makers will teach you patiently, whichever part of the process you are interested in. You can work at the church Tuesday mornings as a group, or from home as you choose.
It feels nice to help bring comfort to others!

Information to think about:


Covenant Lutheran Land Acknowledgement Statement:

Church acknowledges and honors the Indigenous Peoples and their ancestral homelands on which we gather.

We stand on stolen ancestral homelands of the Ho-Chunk and the many other Indigenous Nations that have been historical occupants here. Being so, our relations with them have been fractured throughout the years past by this taking. We respect Native Americans as caretakers of this land and Mother Earth. May we strive to emulate the stewardship they first demonstrated. We, in the spirit of Christian fellowship and unity, endeavor to embrace Indigenous Peoples in love and gratitude as we now share this space. It is our deep desire to live in daily harmony with our Native siblings as the Creator intended. In this kinship, let us focus our efforts on peace and justice with them. We always seek a greater understanding of the Native community and their history as a whole as we aspire to work in meaningful partnerships.

Information on the Doctrine of Discovery, if you have time. Consider:

In 2016 the Churchwide Assembly adopted a resolution entitled the Repudiation of the Doctrine of
Discovery. Learn more here.

The Doctrine refers to several Papal Bulls (edicts/laws) issued in the 15th century giving
theological and legal permission for European Christians to conquer non-Christians, referred to as
‘pagans’ and through the Papal Bull claim their land and possessions for themselves.

Through the Papal Bull, people had the permission of the Church and the King of Spain to claim the land from the
‘pagans’, in this case referring to the Indigenous People. Thus, the Papal Bull had a huge impact on the present.

For more information, a resource book on the Doctrine is “Unsettling Truths: The Ongoing Dehumanizing Legacy of the Doctrine of Discovery” by Mark Charles and Soong-Chan Rah. Doctrine information gathered and shared by, Linda Muller

History of the Ho-Chunk 

 as presented by PBS

The Racial Equity Team at Covenant Lutheran encourages the whole congregation to examine our role in the problem of systemic racism and work to be part of the solution. The team is guided by this vision statement:

“We want Covenant to be a church that is unafraid to confront hard questions about justice, equality, power, and privilege from the perspective of a grace-filled God. We want Covenant to help people understand, question, and challenge the social structure that, in ways benign and malignant, visible and invisible, benefits some and disadvantages others. We want to explore how God’s vision for our lives and our church calls us to challenge injustice within ourselves and culture.”


Covenant Information you might like to know:


Covenant Lutheran Church Solar array.  Track how we are making a difference here: https://monitoringpublic.solaredge.com/solaredge-web/p/site/public?name=CovenantLutheran#/dashboard

Read the full Stoughton Hub article published December 8th, 2020.

Gather. Grow. Go Serve. With God’s Love.

Covenant Lutheran Church is a place of hospitality, committed to serve and care for its congregation and the community.

All are welcome here to discover the richness of God’s grace, develop relationships and gifts for ministry, and deepen faith and understanding through worship, learning and service to others.

We come together to celebrate God through Word, Music and Meal which strengthens us. We gather…with God’s Love!

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Community is a God-given gift. It strengthens us to support and learn from each other in all of life. We grow… with God’s Love!

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God has blessed us, so we may be a blessing to others. In our everyday lives, we work with God to change the world. We go serve… with God’s Love!

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