I thank my God every time
I remember you.

Benefits of a Church Columbarium

† It is a visible sign that our church cares for its members and believes in life after death. It can be a source of personal and emotional support for church members.

† The Columbarium provides church members and their families with the opportunity to select their final resting place within the church that has been central to their lives.

† It offers an easy way to handle pre-need concerns relieving the surviving family mem-bers of decision making during a difficult and stressful time.

† A Columbarium is significantly more economical compared to a traditional burial. It is theologically sound and environmentally friendly.

† Our Columbarium Chapel is a beautiful asset to our campus. It provides a sacred site of beauty and dignity, where family and friends can come to meditate and pray in comfort and serenity.

† It affirms our faith that those who die in the Lord remain in communion not only with God, but also with the living.