Where is the Columbarium? 

The Columbarium Chapel is located in the NW corner of CLC, directly across from the sanctuary, in the education wing. It can be accessed by using the main church entrance or Columbarium entrance.

Who Administers the Columbarium? 

The Columbarium is administered by the Columbarium Board, which reports to the Church Council. It consists of the Senior Pastor and one lay member (liaison) from the Church Council and at least 3 members of the congregation elected for 3-year terms.

Who may use the Columbarium? 

Inurnment the Covenant Lutheran Columbarium is limited to all current and past members of Covenant Lutheran Church and their families. The term “family” shall be construed to include family members in the most inclusive sense of the word. This would include spouses, the descendants and parents of each, spouses of descendants, any adopted or step descendants, legal guardians, and past and present Covenant pastors and members. Modification of the term “family” as used in the Policy may be made, at the sole discretion of the Covenant Columbarium Board. Eligibility may be granted on a case-by-case basis to others who are meaningfully connected to Covenant Lutheran.

How many niches are in the Columbarium? 

The Covenant Columbarium consists of 129 niches for the interment of the ashes of human cremated remains (cremains). The standard niche size is 8X8X16 inches. A limited number of larger 8X16X16 inch niches are available for those loved ones whose death preceded the Columbarium and are interred in larger pre-existing urns. There is a maximum of two (2) urns per niche regardless of niche size. Each Niche is covered with a marble plate, uniform in size, which shall be engraved with the first and last name and middle initial of the interred along with the date of birth and the date of death. Veterans’ will be recognized by an engraved “star”, after their last name, on the marble plate.

May I select the niche I want? 

Niche assignments are controlled by the Columbarium Board and are allocated in accord with the desires of each applicant on a first-come first-serve basis, determined by the date of receipt of a fully completed, paid-in-full application.

How do I purchase a niche? 

To purchase a niche, an eligible person should obtain a Columbarium packet from the church office; this packet contains a copy of the Columbarium brochure, policy, niche map, and all applicable forms. The applicant should complete all appropriate forms and submit them, with payment in full made out to Covenant Lutheran Church-Columbarium. A member of the Columbarium Board will contact the applicant to insure that all information is correct and then submit the application to the Board for final approval.