There are many ways to serve in our congregation, community and world. Consider all the many opportunities available in hospitality, social justice, education, care of people, care of our building and grounds and so much more. Where do you see yourself serving?  Click here to see all the options.

Rides to Church
Are you interested in giving someone a ride to church. If you would like to give members a ride to worship or if you would like a ride to worship, call Marijo Vols at 873-0622.

Funeral Luncheon Servers
One of the things we do as members of Covenant is walk alongside those who are grieving. One of the ways we do that is to serve a meal for grieving families and their friends following a funeral/memorial service. Would you be interested in helping? The tasks include setting the tables, sometimes making sandwiches, setting out the food and cleaning up. Let the church office know if you would like to be added to the list of volunteers to serve at funeral luncheons. It is a ministry of caring and compassion.

Extending the Table
Holy Communion for Homebound Members
Homebound Covenant Members can feel forgotten or isolated from our community of faith. Several members of Covenant share in taking the holy meal to the homebound to assist the pastor(s) in this vital ministry of belonging and caring. If you wish to serve in this ministry, please contact our office at 873-7494.

Newborn and Hospice Kits
For many years Covenant has actively participated in the Newborn & Hospice Kit ministry of Global Health Ministries (GHM). Covenant collects items for the kits as well as monetary donations. Monetary donations allow Covenant to purchase needed items in bulk quantities. The kits are then assembled and shipped to GHM in Minneapolis where they are then packed into large shipping containers to be sent to African countries. Covenant has also supported GHM through two Mission Trips as we sent groups of teens and adults to work in GHM’s warehouse.

Newborn kits help mothers celebrate the birth of their child, and provide needed items to welcome their baby into the world. Each newborn kit includes 1 towel (48-52” long – thin), 1 washcloth, 1 bar of soap, 1 cotton newborn t-shirt, 1 newborn stocking hat, 1 receiving blanket (30’ x 30’), 2 cloth diapers and 2 diaper pins.

Hospice kits provide comfort and needed supplies for someone who is suffering from HIV/AIDS, cancer of other devastating illness. Each hospice kit includes 1 towel (48” long – thin), 1 wash cloth, 1 bar of soap, 1 toothbrush, 1 “pick” style comb, 1 nail clipper, 6 Band-Aids, 1 jar or tube of petroleum jelly (4 oz.) and 1 pair of heavy duty household gloves.

The Newborn and Hospice Kit ministry is only a small part of what GHM does. If you would like more information on Global Health Ministries, go to

Stoughton Clothing Center
Open by appointment! Contact through Facebook Messanger or by emailing
Covenant’s Lower Level Education Wing (rear entrance)

The Stoughton Clothing Center offers free, gently-used clothing to families and individuals, sizes newborn through 3XL. Everyone is invited to “shop” the Clothing Center!  Donations of clean, gently used clothing are accepted during open hours.  Learn more by visiting our website,, or emailing

Quilters: Blanket Makers
Tuesdays at 8:30 AM
We like to think of ourselves as blanket makers, as we try to use two large pieces of cloth and a filler that we sew and tie together. The need is great world wide. Lutheran World Relief has increased its goal from 400,000 to 500,000 quilts for 2013. To help reach this goal we need your help. We’d love to have any-one interested come join us Tuesday mornings from 8:30-12:00. There are many jobs. You do not need to be a sewer. We are also in need of material, especially sheets and large pieces of fabric.

Transportation Ministry
Covenant Lutheran Church provides support to Stoughton United Ministries’ Affordable Transportation Program (ATP).  This is a local non-profit that provides transportation to individuals of low income in the Stoughton Area School District in two ways—1) providing rides to/from Madison for significant appointments and 2) providing rides to/from the two local food pantries.  Individuals of low income often don’t have a car or a reliable car and this program helps them meet some of their basis needs.

If you know of someone who could benefit from the transportation service of ATP, please have them call Richard Hoffman, Transportation Director, at 873-6112.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for ATP, there are many opportunities, such as becoming a volunteer driver, a board member, assist in fundraising, and/or assist in marketing the program to clients and the overall community.  Please call or email Linda Muller, Covenant member, for further information—608-576-6374 or

Housing Advocacy Team Stoughton (HATS)
The Housing Advocacy Team of Stoughton ( is organized for the purpose of addressing the affordable housing needs within the Stoughton Area School District by working with public and private entities and individuals in the community. Covenant supports HATS with a percentage of offerings received.