How much does a niche cost? 

The one-time fee to reserve a niche in the Columbarium shall be determined and approved by the Columbarium Board and Covenant Church Council. The fee shall include the right of inurnment in the reserved niche, the urn, inscriptions on the urn and the niche cover, opening and closing of the niche and care of the Columbarium

The Columbarium fee does not include the cost of cremation, transportation or any other off-premises costs. The fee for a Columbarium niche(s) may be changed, at any time in the future, by the Columbarium Board with the approval of the Covenant Council. Current holders of Inurnment Rights will neither be reimbursed nor assessed additional costs, if the fee is changed.

Schedule of Prices 

Standard Niche: 8”x8”x16” $1,500.00 

(Includes urn(s) and engraving for up to (2) occupants)

Large Niche: 8”x16”x16” $1,500.00 

(Includes urn(s) and engraving for up to (2) occupants)

*Pricing is subject to change (Effective 5-19-15)